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Green 7 Pigment

Green 7 Pigment

440 INR/Kilograms

Product Details:


Green 7 Pigment Price And Quantity

  • 100 Kilograms
  • 440 INR/Kilograms

Product Description

Green 7 Pigment, also known as Phthalocyanine Green, is a synthetic organic pigment commonly used in various applications, including paints, inks, plastics, and textiles. It belongs to the phthalocyanine family of pigments and is known for its bright green hue, high tinting strength, and excellent lightfastness.

Pigment Green 7 Properties:

1. Color: Pigment Green 7 exhibits a bright green color. Its shade can vary depending on its formulation and specific application.

2. Chemical Structure: It is derived from phthalocyanine, a large aromatic macrocyclic compound that provides excellent stability and color properties.

3. Lightfastness: Pigment Green 7 has excellent resistance to fading when exposed to light, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

4. Heat Stability: It retains its color properties at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for use in plastics and other high-temperature processes.

5. Chemical Resistance: It is resistant to many chemicals, which adds to its versatility in various applications.

Green 7 Pigment Applications:

1. Paints and Coatings: Pigment Green 7 is widely used in water-based and solvent-based paints for indoor and outdoor applications, including decorative paints, automotive coatings, and industrial coatings.

2. Printing Inks: It is used in both offset and flexographic printing inks for packaging, publications, and other printed materials.

3. Plastics: Pigment Green 7 is incorporated into plastic formulations to provide coloration in a wide range of products, including PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene.

4. Textiles: It is used in dyeing and printing textiles to achieve various shades of green.

5. Regulatory Considerations: Manufacturers must ensure compliance with regulations regarding the use of Pigment Green 7, particularly concerning its safety in specific applications such as food packaging or children's toys.

Pigment Green 7 FAQ:

Q. What is Pigment Green 7?

Ans: Pigment Green 7, also known as Phthalocyanine Green, is a synthetic organic pigment widely used in various industries for its bright green color and excellent stability.

Q. What are the key properties of Green 7 Pigment?

Ans: Pigment Green 7 exhibits excellent lightfastness, heat stability, and chemical resistance. It retains its vibrant color even when exposed to harsh environmental conditions.

Q. What applications is Pigment Green 7 used in?

Ans: Pigment Green 7 finds applications in paints and coatings, printing inks, plastics, textiles, and other industries where a bright green color is desired.

Q. Is Pigment Green 7 safe for use in consumer products?

Ans: When used according to regulations and industry standards, Pigment Green 7 is considered safe for various applications. However, manufacturers must ensure compliance with relevant regulations, especially in products intended for food contact or children's use.

Q. How does Pigment Green 7 compare to other green pigments?

Ans: Pigment Green 7 is known for its high tinting strength, excellent lightfastness, and versatility across different mediums. It is often preferred over other green pigments for its superior performance and stability.

Q. What factors should be considered when using Pigment Green 7 in formulations?

Ans: Formulators should consider factors such as compatibility with other ingredients, desired color strength, application method, and regulatory requirements when incorporating Pigment Green 7 into formulations.

Q. Does Green 7 Pigment have any environmental considerations?

Ans: Like all pigments, Pigment Green 7 may have environmental impacts associated with its production and disposal. However, its stability and longevity can contribute to reduced environmental impact over its lifecycle compared to less durable alternatives.
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